Fife Council: SNP supporters stage demo against minority Labour administration

Around 20 protesters were at Fife Council headquarters, Fife House, this morning to object against the minority administration that was formed last month.

By Darren Gibb
Thursday, 9th June 2022, 5:42 pm

After the local council election it was announced that Labour would run Fife Council as a minority administration for the next five years - with the backing of the Lib Dems and Tories.

The deal would push the SNP, the single biggest party within the local authority, into opposition.

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Protesters outside Fife House this morning.

The peaceful protest this morning was attended by people from all over the Kingdom.

Cliff Serbie from Glenrothes said: “We’re here protesting as we feel that the people of Fife have been fooled, the majority of people voted for the SNP.

"We want our votes to count, we want to be heard, and we have been heard, so we want the Tories out as well as Labour.

Protester Cliff Serbie from Glenrothes.

“Labour abstains on what is important and Tories ignore what is important – it’s just not on.”

Brian Powell from St Andrews said: “We don’t think that the Tories should have any power in Fife Council – when people were asked to vote they were never told that there would be an alliance with the Tories.

"For Fife to have Tories in power is an outrageous and shameful situation.”

Donald Munro, also from St Andrews, said: “SNP had their best ever council election and they have been put out of power quite simply because Labour have done a deal with the Tories and Lib Dems.

The protesters are unhappy about the Fife Council minority administration.

"The electorate voted for the SNP quite substantially and now they have been frozen out – it’s undemocratic.”