Here are the 21 words and phrases that Fife people can't stand hearing

We all have them – the words and phrases that make us clench our teeth in irritation whenever we hear them.

Monday, 12th April 2021, 3:21 pm

So, at the end of the day, we thought we’d literally reach out to yous to basically find out your awesome, ‘pacific’ examples on our Facebook page.

Here are 21 examples that really grind your gears.

1) My bad. Lorna Edwards: “As if it just excuses a wrong done. Makes my blood boil.”

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We all have words and phrases we find massively irritating.

2) To be honest. Christine Ritchie: “Does that mean you're usually telling lies?”

3) Sort of. John Jack: “Surely it either is or it isn’t.”

4) So. Neil Binning: “And how every sentence starts with it these days.”

5) At this moment in time. Robert Thain: “What’s wrong with saying ‘now’?”

6) Reverse back. Johnny Youngson: “You can’t very well reverse forward.”

7) Holibobs. Fiona Robb: “Instead of holidays, sets my teeth on edge.”

8) Super. Mark Jones: “Everything these days is super this or super that. What happened to ‘very’?”

9) Pacifically. Missis McCartan: “It’s specifically.”

10) Brought. Debbie Moffet: “’I brought this at the shops.’ No you didn’t. You bought it.”

11) I have to say. Sue Gardner Buchanan: “No you don’t”.

12) Defiantly. Jill Paterson: “Instead of definitely – gives me the rage.”

13) Literally. Jamie Lawson: “When used as exaggeration.”

14) Blue sky thinking. Francis Boyle: “I worked with an American company. There was a plethora of teeth grinding phrases.”

15) What’s for you won’t go past you. Samantha Kirkcaldy: “Always said to people when trying for a baby.”

16) Like. Joan Channell: “Ban the word ‘like’ being used more than once in any conversation.”

17) To cut a long story short. Morgan Hamilton: “Then proceed to recite 'War and Peace'.”

18) Yous. Barbara Hamilton: “The plural is you. Drives me mad.”

20) Could care less. Ricky Marciano: “It literally means the opposite of the context it’s used in.”

21) See you later. Stefan Wozniak: “No you won't.”