Salvation Army outgrows its Kirkcaldy town centre base

Members of the congregation and Salvation Army outside their current premises in Kirkcaldy town centre.
Members of the congregation and Salvation Army outside their current premises in Kirkcaldy town centre.

The Salvation Army in Kirkcaldy is relocating in the New Year after outgrowing its base in the town centre where it has had a presence for the past 100 years.

Members are moving out of thre High Street and into the newly renovated Church of Christ building in Hayfield Road early in the new year .

Major David Arnott said the current hall had become too small for the congregation, and the new premises are closer to families and will allow them to extend their work.

He told The Press: “We are moving for practical reasons and not just abandoning the town centre.

“The hall has become too small for our congregation plus there are a lot of difficulties with parking. Also where we are going is close to families and hopefully we will be able to extend our work in the community.

“The new building will be more user friendly after renovation, and should meet our needs.

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“It is a bigger space with more individual rooms. We decided on Hayfield Road as it was already a place of worship and could be easily renovated.

“If all goes well, we will be moving by the end of January or beginning of February.”

He said it should make a big difference to the services offered by the Salvation Army –but the organnisation has yet to make a survey of the area to see what will be needed so it doesn’t’t duplicate what others are doing.

The new premises will offer opportunity for Christian worship, on Sundays.

On Monday there will be an adult and families programme offering Christian fellowship and refreshments, while a hobby group will meet every second and forth Tuesdays of each month.

On Wednesdays there will be a special meeting for people who are over 60 which includes refreshments and the opportunity to make new friends – and Friday’s a parent and toddler group, which meets at the Hayfield Centre, will also make the move into the new premises.

Meanwhile, this Saturday from 10.00am to 3.00pm, the Salvation Army is holding a community fair on the grounds in front of the White Heather Pub at the junction of Hendry Road and Hayfield Road.

The aim is to raise the district’s awareness of the Salvation Army in Kirkcaldy and to let locals know they are coming into the area.

It will be opened by Lesley Laird MSP and will also be supported by the Salvation Army band which will perform from 10.30am until midday.

At 12.30pm the newly formed High School choir will sing and between 1 .00 and 2.00 pm there will be children’s sport races.

There will also be a fire engine, an ice cream van and a prayer area.

Cadet Luke Cozens, the current leader of the Salvation Army, will be pleased to meet and receive suggestions from those who live in the area about how best they feel the service may be of help to the community.