Time Bank charity bids for £20,000 of Fife Council funding

A funding request for a charity has been turned down.

Time Banking, a charity, wanted £20,000 from Fife Council to help sustain its charity.

It has already had £30,000 from the local authority.

The project looks to bring communities together to help out with small tasks, such as cutting grass, ironing clothes or washing windows.

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Volunteers “bank” hours with the charity and get help in return.

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The charity aims to encourage individual self-confidence and self-worth, by creating social and support networks.

But councillors raised concerns over the sustainability of the organisation at the Levenmouth area committee

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Councillor David Alexander said: “I am underwhelmed with the report. If we grant this funding, it means we will have given £50,000 to 29 people who are in this group. I’m on the fence and I just don’t think I’m convinced.”

Councillor Ryan Smart agreed, adding: “That is £1,000 a head. Last year we got stick for granting £10,000 for a bonfire that 6200 people attended. This isn’t value for money.

“This would be coming from the poverty fund. Poverty is getting bigger and bigger and the budget is getting smaller. I’m underwhelmed with what has happened with the group in the last year. I don’t think, in all good conscience, I can support a further £20,000.”

The council’s hesitancy came after some councillors visited a Time Bank scheme in Castlemilk, Glasgow.

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Councillors were told that the group had never received council funding are was now 300 strong – although it had been running for 10 years.

Councillor Colin Davidson said: “I would congratulate the efforts they have put in today. I know there is some very hard work going on behind the scenes – but there are still too many unanswered questions. There is not enough evidence this is sustainable moving forward. I think it would be difficult to grant more money.”

Cllr Davidson moved that the funding not be granted but that the council work with the group to help secure other funding sources.