These businesses are all backing our campaign for a cinema in Kirkcaldy

The Harbour View in Kinghorn are backing our cinema petition (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)
The Harbour View in Kinghorn are backing our cinema petition (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)

The names being added to our petition to secure a cinema in Kirkcaldy are growing, thanks to the fantastic support of the business community.

There are now petitions to be found on no fewer than 76 premises – and this week we spotlight the feedback in Kinghorn and Burntisland, two towns which would 
be a key market for any operator moving into the Lang Toun.

A cinema in Kirkcaldy would be easier to get to than Dunfermline’s retail park, and would have better public transport links too.

That’s why their customers are backing our campaign to keep the pressure on LaSalle Investments, owners of the Mercat Shopping Centre, who have a planning application in hand to turn the site of the now demolished swimming pool into a leisure development.

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What they don’t have is an operator – and that is where our petition comes in.

Our aim is to send a strong message to any operator looking to invest that Kirkcaldy HAS to be their next port of call.

It has the backing of the town, its politicians, its businesses, and a host of key community organisations, all keen to see the development come to fruition.

Here’s the views of the businesses in Kinghorn and Burntisland that are supporting the Fife Free Press campaign to bring a cinema to Kirkcaldy.


Nicola’s Cupcake Cafe

It would help improve Kirkcaldy and bring more people into the area. The High Street definitely needs a boost.

Kinghorn Co-op

One of our members of staff is really into his films and he brought it to our attention. We think it is a very good cause to support and it is badly needed for Kirkcaldy.

The Crown

We are supporting it because it would be a good thing for the community in Kirkcaldy and much easier to get to than Dunfermline. If a young person goes to the Odeon and misses the last bus home, then they are stuck.

Kinghorn Community Centre

Kirkcaldy needs a cinema to boost the High Street. So many shops are shutting down, and everyone just goes to Dunfermline for the cinema, so Kirkcaldy is missing out.

Harbour View

We feel it is very important to bring a cinema back to Kirkcaldy. I have fond memories of going to the cinema in Kirkcaldy. For children going to Dunfermline they would have to get two buses there and two buses back. There’s not even a direct bus service.


The Crown

If there was a cinema in Kirkcaldy it would be great for everyone in Fife. The kids could have a bit more independence and be able to just jump on a bus rather than having to rely on their parents to chauffeur them around.


It would bring a lot of people into the town rather than them having to travel to Dunfermline. If you don’t drive then it is much easier to get a train and go to the Omni Centre. From here it takes two buses which is more expensive than going to Edinburgh.

Tom Courts

As a child I used to go all the time to the cinemas in Kirkcaldy. I remember seeing ‘The Jungle Book’ there and it would be great to bring one back to Kirkcaldy again. It would help breathe life back into the High Street.

Burntisland Heritage Trust

It would be lovely to have a real cinema in the town again.

Looking back with rose-tinted spectacles, there used to be queues of people waiting to get in.


It would be good for the community and people wouldn’t have to travel to Dunfermline. Public transport from here is bad and you can’t get a direct bus to the Odeon.

I don’t like children having to go on their own and having to take two buses to get there.