Warning after three dangerous incidents on Fife rail routes

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Transport police have issued urgent safety advice after three dangerous incidents on railway lines across Fife.

They included a dog walker talking on his phone while crossing a level crossing as a train approached

The action comes after several worrying incidents.

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On Monday, March 25, around 12.30pm, officers received a report of vandalism close to Dunfermline Town station where trespassers dropped wood and pieces of slab on the railway track.

Three trains then travelled over the objects.

Just a few hours later at 4.50pm, officers received a further report of a wheelbarrow striking a train on the line close to Dunfermline.

Luckily, there was no damage to the train or injuries to people.

In a separate incident, on Wednesday, March 27, at around 9.00am, the driver of an Inverness to Edinburgh service reported a near-miss of a dog-walker at a level crossing near Springfield.

The man was talking on his phone and absent-mindedly walked across the level crossing in front of a train.

Sergeant Derek Elder said: “These are all very dangerous incidents and I am thankful there weren’t more serious consequences.

“Trespassing in itself can pose grave danger to the reckless individuals involved. Railway lines are operational 24 hours a day and trespassing at any time of day can easily prove fatal.

“Throwing objects onto the tracks also puts both passengers and staff at significant risk, not to mention the thousands it can cost in repairs to trains and railway infrastructure.

“Likewise, not taking due care and attention at level crossings is of serious concern, and this man was lucky he wasn’t injured, or even worse killed.”