Stars head to Fife to honour Johnny Cash

Ian Rankin and Rab Noakes among key names at weekend event
Fay Fife - Countess of Fife (Pic: Cath Ruane)Fay Fife - Countess of Fife (Pic: Cath Ruane)
Fay Fife - Countess of Fife (Pic: Cath Ruane)

It has to be the most original festival in the Kingdom this year.

Cash Back In Fife celebrates Johnny Cash’s musical legacy and his family connections to Fife with a fantastic line-up.

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Step into the Woodside Hotel in Aberdour over the weekend and there’s every chance you will bump into renowned Fifers, author Ian Rankin, songwriter Rab Noakes, and punk rock legend Fay Fife and her superb new band, The Countess Of Fife.

Dean Owens (Pic: Neilson Hubbard)Dean Owens (Pic: Neilson Hubbard)
Dean Owens (Pic: Neilson Hubbard)

And there’s more ...

Musician Dean Owens, who has curated the event, forms part of a songwriters’ circle which including our ain, David Latto.

Cash discovered by chance that he had family links to Falkland, and he became a regular visitor.,

His daughter, Roseanne also played the 2010 Big Tent festival held in the grounds of Falkland Palace.

David LattoDavid Latto
David Latto
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Cash, who died in 2003, sold over 90 million records and his music spanned country, rock ‘n’ roll, blues and gospel.

A huge influence on many singer-songwriters, The Man In Black remains one of the best selling artists of all time.

Dean Owens celebrated that legacy on vinyl with the acclaimed album Cash Back (Songs I learned From Johnny) - songs written, sung or covered by the great man - which then spawned a superb show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

He teamed up with manager,Morag Neil, and hotel owner John McTaggart to curate Cash Back In Fife.

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The venue promises to be packed out for all the shows which run from Friday night through to Sunday afternoon.

It’s not a tribute weekend either - all the acts will be doing their own material, while adding some classic Cash to the mix.

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It opens on Friday night with Owens and The Celtabilly Allstars made up of musicians from his bands The Felsons and Whisky Hearts, with support from Al Shields and the excellent Scottish singer-songwriter Martha Healy.

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On Saturday afternoon, the focus is on talking about music with Ian Rankin exploring his favourite record from celebrated Fife singer-songwriter, the late, great Jackie Leven.

The evening set features a remarkable songwriters’ circle called The Ring Of Fire where Dean is joined by Rab Noakes, Nathan and Hannah Rose Platt for some great music and stories.

Sunday lunchtime brings David Latto to the stage along with The Marriage, and the Countess of Fife, the magnificent band fronted by Fay Fife of The Rezillos.

Formed in 20216, the line up includes guitarist Alan McDowall from So You Think You’re A Cowboy, and their sound is glorious - alt-country troubadors with great stories to tell.

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I’ve seen them live a few times- –everywhere from the Happiness Hotel in Leith (a venue you must check out) to a coffee shop in Abbeyhill where passers-b y stopped ands even danced in the street, as well as a smashing set at last year’s Outwith Festival in Dunfermline .

The Woodside is the perfect venue to enjoy their music.

The whole weekend should be packed with highlights and wonderful moments.

It’s a glorious, relaxed setting to simply sit back and enjoy some masters of their craft on stage .

Looking forward to checking in on Friday night for a very special weekend.

Let’s hope it becomes an annual event, and brings more great folk to this part of the woods.

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