Former Sex Pistol lines up rare Fife gig

Glen Matlock
Glen Matlock

Singer, songwriter and punk pioneer. Three words that perfectly sum up the legendary Glen Matlock.

And the legendary punk rocker is coming to Fife for a rare live gig.

He is at Newport-on-Tay’s The Rio on Saturday, May 25.

Forever changing rock ‘n’ roll history as chief songwriter with the Sex Pistols, the evolving path walked by Glen remains unbound.

His contribution to the Sex Pistols, and thus culture itself, is well documented.

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Penning the anthem ‘Pretty Vacant’, Glen wrote the music to all the Pistols’ classics including ‘God Save the Queen’ and ‘Anarchy in the UK’ during his time as the bassist for the Pistols, aged just 16

Periodic reunions have allowed the world the chance to see him reaffirm his rightful position as the cornerstone of the band – but his legacy amounts to so much more than The Pistols.

His next band, the Rich Kids, put out one of the most influential albums of the late ’70s, ‘Ghosts Of Princes In Towers’, packed full of rock ‘n’ pop gems.

Working with Iggy Pop, during the ’80s kept him sharp and sought-after with a body of work during this period giving rise to releases by bands such as The Spectres and Hot Club.

In the 1990s Glen emerged as a solo force. His album ‘Who’s He Think He Is When He’s At Home?’ was a full-on guitar album, blistering in its intensity, taking everyone by surprise.

The reinvention continued with a series of fine albums by his band project, The Philistines.

Invigorated in the wake of the Pistols re-emergence, Glen continued to record songs to rival those on ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’‘for swagger and craft.

Last year saw Glen release a solo album, ‘Good To Go’, which garnered a string of positive reviews and feedback from fans, many believing it to be his best body of work to date.

It’s no coincidence that Glen’s resurgence is mirrored by his frequent appearances on TV, from The One Show, The Wright Stuff and even the quiz show Pointless. Glen was also the figurehead for the Anarchy Arias project in which songs from the punk era underwent transformation into classical mini masterpieces.

Now, Glen Matlock and Band, featuring legendary rock guitarist Earl Slick, are back on the road with a new tour that stops off in Fife. For tickets and more information on their Newport gig, visit