New sensory-friendly experience coming to Kingdom Centre

New Sensory Sundays start later this monthNew Sensory Sundays start later this month
New Sensory Sundays start later this month
A sensory-friendly shopping experience will shortly be launched at the Kingdom Shopping Centre in Glenrothes on the last Sunday of every month.

The initiative has been created to support those living with acute sensory processing conditions and their families enjoy a calmer and more relaxing shopping experience. 

On September 30 from 12-4pm the Centre will commence its first ‘Sensory Sunday’ by turning off their music, isolating hand dryers and ensuring any tannoy announcements are kept to a bare minimum. 

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The Centre will have sensory kit bags available for shoppers, created to help audiences overcome intense situations which will be available to borrow free of charge, containing items such as ear plugs, a fidget spinner, a stress reliever toy and a bottle of water.

Staff employed at the Shopping Centre are regularly identifying opportunities to support audiences living with conditions that may impact how they shop. 

David Carson, Centre Manager said ‘We fully appreciate that shopping can be stressful at times, especially for those who experience a sensory condition meaning they can be sensitive to noise and light. 

“We hope that by offering our ‘Sensory Sundays’, visitors can shop in a more enjoyable environment.”