Compensation for Fife families whose baby ashes were dumped in waste disposal

A deal has been struck to compensate Fife families caught up in the baby ashes scandal at council-run crematoria in Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline.

They were told no ashes from their infants existed – in fact council staff were disposing of the children’s ashes in a completely inappropriate manner by putting them in waste disposal.

The agreement provides for payments of between £1000 and £4000.

It was finalised by Thompsons Solicitors

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The terms of the compensation scheme closely mirrors those already agreed with Edinburgh City Council over activities at Mortonhall crematorium.

Families affected are still able to come forward until Friday, March 1, when the scheme closes.

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Thompsons and parents have also made considerable progress with Fife Council in moving forward with a permanent memorial to the children, although no final agreement has yet been reached.

Catherine McGarrell, who represents the families, said “The agreement of Fife Council to this compensation scheme is of huge significance to the parents.

“The amounts of money involved are of a far lesser importance than the sign of good faith shown by the local authority.

“The council has backed up its public apology with real action.

“It has been a long emotional journey for the parents but this does provide some small comfort. I also welcome the fact the council is engaging with us over a permanent memorial to the children.”