Fife hotel manager bids to keep licence after assault charge

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A hotel manager in Burntisland has been allowed to keep his licence after he was convicted of throwing a chair at a barman.

Jason Borthwick was convicted in Septemberat Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court of assault and grievous injury. He was sentenced to a community payback order of 210 hours and had to pay the victim £2000 in compensation.

At Fife Licensing Board on Monday, Mr Borthwick told members: “It was a very regrettable incident. I’ve been a license holder since 2001 and I’ve never had any problems before.”

He told councillors that on the night in  question, in the Old Port Bar in Burntisland, he had “far too much alcohol”  and said his wife was  verbally attacked by a patron – and he was then  assaulted.

“I was under attack, I don’t actually remember doing anything, but I take full responsibility.

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Mr Borthwick, who was new to the area, added: “I’ve paid compensation and completed my community service I apologised to the individual, I went in the next day to apologise to his face. All I can say is that it was an isolated incident, I’ve never been involved in anything like this before.

“I was actually new to town, taking on a premises nearby and was in having a good drink and chat with the guy who got hurt.

“A customer propositioned my wife when I was in the toilets, I questioned this and he attacked me. It was an extreme situation which I am very sorry for. I would like to continue to hold my personal licence.”

Sergeant Hood confirmed that this version of events was taken down in the police report.

Councillor Alistair Cameron asked Mr Borthwick if he had had a good relationship with the bar manager now.

Mr Borthwick responded that under the terms of his conviction he wasn’t allowed back in the bar and maintained a cordial relationship.

Councillor Docherty moved that no action be taken against Mr Borthwick. He said: “This is obviously a very serious incident that you were involved in but I do believe you have learned from it and won’t be in that sort of predicament again. So I move that no action be taken.”

The motion was seconded by Councillor Cameron.