Kirkcaldy woman distressed by level of care for her mum at town hospital

Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Google Streetview 2017
Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Google Streetview 2017

A Kirkcaldy woman has raised concerns about her mother’s care at Victoria Hospital after she was moved into an overflow ward.

This, she claims, was understaffed and not properly equipped.

Kate Hall believes the experience was so distressing for the 91-year-old that it resulted in her suffering from delirium –a condition she did not have before she was admitted.

Last month her mother fell at Kirkcaldy bus station which resulted in her eye swelling up, and she went on to develop an infection.

A doctor advised Ms Hall to take her to hospital. She was initially in an admission ward and transferred to a second ward but, because of a lack of beds, she was then taken to an overflow ward, which, Ms Hall said, was the endoscopy ward/day intervention unit.

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She said: “This ward was not equipped to deal with patients. There was no kitchen or shower room and it smelled very unpleasant. There were just two nurses to look after seven patients.

“At 11pm, I got a call asking me to go in because mum was very distressed. When I arrived I saw another patient trying to comfort her because no nurses were available. There were no bars on the bed either, like there had been in the other wards.”

When Kate took her mother home on January 17 a cannula, which had been inserted for a drip, was still in her arm. “I called the hospital and was asked to go back in so a nurse could remove it,” she said. “My mum was very distressed – this should have been removed before she was allowed home.

“I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience what my mum went through.”

Helen Wright, NHS Fife director of nursing, said: “We are unable to discuss individual patients or their care.We strive to provide the best quality care to all patients. In this instance it is clear some elements of care fell short of our high standards and we are carefully reviewing events to avoid similar issues going forward. I am happy to meet with Ms Hall to discuss her concerns.”