Public meeting gives Fifers chance to have their say on ScotRail’s service

Fife Free Press, February 21, 2019
Fife Free Press, February 21, 2019

Every commuter has a horror story of last-minute cancellations, delays and ridiculously overcrowded carriages.

Fife has put up with a third-rate rail service for far too long.

The promises of improvements always seem that little bit further down the tracks. Jam tomorrow.

So, Alex Hynes, the man at the top, is sure of a hot reception when he comes to town for a public meeting next week.

This has to be much more than a PR ‘meet and greet’ exercise.

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Commuters deserve more than platitudes after putting up with the worst of ScotRail for far too long.

While many services run on time and without any problems, it is clear there ARE major issues which are impacting on the daily commute of Fifers on an almost daily basis.

Monday saw two rush hour trains cancelled because of a shortage of train crews.

Last Friday saw a late running train arrive in Kirkcaldy with just two carriages.

Both were already packed, making for a long and far from comfortable journey across the Forth.

A snapshot of why many people no longer have confidfence in ScotRail to get them to their destination on time, and in a degree of comfort.

Those, surely are the bascic requirements of running our trains.

So, the visit of the man at the top is an opportunity for commuters to make sure he understands the extent of dis-satisfaction in Fife.

It’s also a good opportunity to put questions on how he will deliver the improvements which have been promised over the past 12 months.

Fife deserves a first-class public transport system.

Numbers using trains have increased as more people commute to work in Dundee and Edinburgh – they need a reliable service.

So, welcome to town Mr Hynes.

Maybe best travel by car to get here on time!