Kirkcaldy crash: Elderly driver didn’t see police car

Three car crash on Oriel Road, Kirkcaldy involving a police car.'Picture by Debbie Clarke
Three car crash on Oriel Road, Kirkcaldy involving a police car.'Picture by Debbie Clarke

A serious three-vehicle smash in Kirkcaldy, which involved a police car on an emergency call, has been the subject of an official investigation.

An 87-year old man was left with serious injuries in the incident which closed Oriel Road for several hours in March.

He was the driver of a Kia which pulled out from Strathallan Drive on to the busy Oriel Road in to the path of the police car.

The officers had no time to avoid the car, crashed into it, resulting in the Kia colliding with an Audi.

Because the officers were responding to an emergency call and had blue lights and its siren activated, the matter was referred to the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC).

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Its six month investigation concluded with a report published today which made no recommendations.

The crash happened shortly before 5.00pm on March 8 as officers responded to a report of a stolen vehicle being driven dangerously in the Falkirk area, and which had already been involved in an incident which saw a member of the public suffer serious injury after being knocked down.

As the police car, being driven by an advanced driver, headed towards the junction at Strathallan Drive, a Kia moved forward into its path. It was being driven by the elderly man.

The PIRC report stated: “There was insufficient time and distance for the police car to stop, and it collided with the offside of the Kia, causing it to then collide with the Audi.”

The Kia driver was taken to Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, for treatment.
A man was later reported to the Procurator Fiscal but no action was taken.

The PIRC investigation noted the police car had its emergency lights and sirens activated, and stated: “The Kia car positioned at the bell mouth of the junction at Strathallan drive failed to see the police car approaching on Oriel Road, and pulled out from the junction into the oncoming path of the police car.”

PIRC noted the video recording equipment fitted to the police car was faulty and did not record the collision.

It also ruled the officer driving the car was not at fault for the collision.