Glenrothes students urged to consider a community council role

Ron PageRon Page
Ron Page
The chairman of North Glenrothes Community Council has called on students to consider taking a more active role in their community.

Ron Page has written to the headteachers of the local high schools seeking their encouragement to promote his wish for pupils to become more involved in the community council.

He said: “It would be great to have one or two high school pupils from the zoned schools iin this area as members of the NGCC.

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“Likewise where there are no community councils in their area, such as is the case for the east and west of Glenrothes, high school pupils could easily be the basis of a new one in their own area.

“For students interested in politics, this is an ideal starting point for such a career.”

Elections are taking place for all community councils in Fife, with nomination forms and packs now available - which must be returned by September 6.

Elections will take place if more than 19 people are nominated.

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If there are vacancies after October 8, the NGCC canco-opt members who wish to make a difference to the community.

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