Free parking error warning at Kirkcaldy’s Links Market

Links Market (Pic: Michael Gillen)Links Market (Pic: Michael Gillen)
Links Market (Pic: Michael Gillen)
Visitors heading to the Links Market in Kirkcaldy have been warned that parking is NOT free in the Thistle Street car park – not until 6.00pm

Police Scotland had produced a video stating there was no charge to use the multi-storey facility which sits next to the shows.

It was shared on social media by Fife Police.

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But it was confirmed tonight that normal Fife Council parking charges apply up until 6.00pm when it will remain open and free until the market closes.

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The force tweeted: “Normal and pay and display charges apply in all Fife Council car parks within the vicinity of the Links Market.

“However, the Thistle Multi Storey car park will operate extended hours, allowing free parking from 6.00pm until the close of the market.”

One person has already shared a photo on social media of the parking ticket they received after parking in the multi-storey expecting it to be free.

The advice comes ahead of the big weekend rush when the market is expected to be exceptionally busy with excellent weather forecast and the schools on holiday.

The market, which runs until Monday, is expected to draw up to 120,000 to the centre of town.