Drunk playfight ended in broken cheekbone

The incident occured at Bishops Court, Kennoway. Picture: GoogleThe incident occured at Bishops Court, Kennoway. Picture: Google
The incident occured at Bishops Court, Kennoway. Picture: Google

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A drunken “play fight” ended up in a real altercation and a man sustaining a fractured cheek-bone.

The incident occurred after a night’s drinking at a house in Kennoway.

It resulted in James Mackie (25) of West High Street, Buckhaven, appearing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

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He admitted that on August 2, 2017 at Bishops Court, Kennoway, he assaulted Bryan Small by repeatedly punching him on the head causing him to fall to the ground to his severe injury.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said there had been a get-together of a few people to have a drink at the home of Kyle Harrower at Bishops Court.

Bryan Small had gone there at around 9.30pm and drank two bottles of Buckfast as well as vodka and cokes.

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He later said that he had no recollection of events until waking up in hospital.

James Mackie and another male had also been invited to go there later in the night.

“Alcohol was being consumed and everybody was getting on well initially. At around 1am Mr Harrower had produced a set of boxing gloves and began showing some moves he knew,” the depute continued.

Mr Small seemed to think that Mackie was attacking the other man and shouted that he would beat him up.

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He was told it was not a serious fight but this only angered him further.

They were all asked to leave and once outside Mr Small continued to be aggressive.

He swung punches which missed and Mackie retaliated by repeatedly punching Mr Small to the side of his face.

The victim was taken to the Victoria Hospital where he was found to have sustained a fractured cheekbone and extensive bruising.

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Defence solicitor Danielle Varela said: “They were all getting on okay at first. Then there was a play fight after the householder produced the set of boxing gloves.

“The complainer was only an observer and not taking part in this play fight. For whatever reason he thought Mr Mackie was being too rough.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair told Mackie: “You have a bad record of violence.”

However, he accepted there was provocation which allowed him to impose a non-custodial sentence.

Mackie was put on a community payback order with 225 hours of unpaid work.

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