Eddie Izzard RUNS from Berwick to Fife to perform stand-up show

Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard
Eddie Izzard
Stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard revealed how he RAN from Berwick to Fife to perform a gig in the Kingdom on Saturday night.

He headlined the 2019 Festival Of Ideas in Kirkcaldy, staged to celebrate the life and work of the town’s famous economist and philanthropist, Adam Smith.

His show at the Adam Smith Theatre in the Lang Toun sold out within days, and prompted a live stream into an adjacent hall to cater for demand.

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And the man who once ran 27 marathons in 27 days to honour Nelson Mandela, revealed to his audience how he donned his running shoes to get to the Kingdom.

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He ran up from Berwick to Dunbar and then on to Edinburgh in appalling weather, crossing the famous Forth Road Bridge into North Queensferry.

Izzard was given a standing ovation at the end of his set before answering a Q&A hosted by them festival’s artistic director, actor Araballa Weir.

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He was introduced on stage by friend Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister, who joked Eddie would have extended his run to Stark’s Park, home of Raith Rovers, had the Kirkcaldy team had a home game today.

Izzard’s appearance was the highlight of the weekend long festival, organised by Adam Smith Global Foundation, which included the annual Adam Smith Lecture give by Sir Tim Berners Lee, the man who invented the world wide web 30 years ago.

It also featured the Adam Smith Food and Drink Fair, organised by BID company, Kirkcaldy4All, and Fife College, which drew over 2000 people, a family fun day, and live music by local band Gaels Blue whose musical journey dates back 50 years.