Damaged road signs are holding back Fife town’s High street

Cllr Johnny Tepping with the damaged sign in Newport
Cllr Johnny Tepping with the damaged sign in Newport

Tay Bridgehead Councillor Jonny Tepp feels that the award winning Newport High Street has been let down by Fife Council over damaged road signs.

The councillor claims that the signs in question were damaged prior to Christmas, but that Fife Council has simply ignored the problem, and the signs have been lying in the High Street since they were damaged.

Councillor Tepp said: “The fallen signs were reported to the council but they have not been removed and no one has been to inspect the jagged rusty hole that has been left.

“For some years now there has been no pro-active checking of signs. The road maintenance revenue budget is at the level that only permits essential safety work, and the focus of this seems to be on potholes.

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“The inactions displayed here shows that the roads revenue budget has come under increasing pressure over recent years to the extent that pretty basic stuff is just seen as low priority.”

Derek Crowe, transportation senior manager, said: “The two signs at Newport High Street are programmed for repair.

“The parking sign and pole was instructed for repair in late December and will be replaced on a new sign and pole by the end of this week. The jagged pole base was made safe previously.

“The missing roundabout sign was notified to us by Cllr Tepp on January 17. On visiting the site, our inspector was unable to locate the sign after an extensive search. A replacement roundabout sign was then ordered and it is due to be installed with the give way sign by February 22.

“Such traffic sign repairs are always programmed for repair once notified and are not an indication of cuts as suggested by Cllr Tepp.

“By the nature of such minor works, it is more cost effective to batch a similar programme of repairs and this can affect the timing of repairs.”