Kirkcaldy Imam up for award

Imam Mansoor.Imam Mansoor.
Imam Mansoor.
Imam Mansoor Mahmood from Kirkcaldy’s Central Mosque has been nominated for the ‘Best Imam’ category for the 2019 British Beacon Mosque Awards.

The British Beacon Mosque Awards is a first of its kind globally, the awards ceremony is about rewarding and celebrating the great achievements of Mosques in the UK with the hope to inspire more great work that will only benefit future generations.

Imam Mansoor (30) has been the Imam at the Kirkcaldy Central Mosque for the past four years and has led several initiatives in his time there.

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He said: “I wrote a report on the four years that I have been here, to promote the mosque and to try and get more people to come in.

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“I put the report on Facebook to show everyone all the things that we have done, and to let people know that if they all came in we could do so much more.

“A Facebook page called Faith Associates then shared my post and said what a great job that we were doing and that others should follow our example.

“It wasn’t long after they had shared my post I had received an email saying that I was nominated for the best Imam award.”

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Imam Mansoor welcomes everyone into the mosque at Kirkcaldy even if they are not religious and also encourages people of other faiths to come and pray with him.

He said: “I always say to people that the doors are always open at the mosque, you don’t have to be a muslim to come in, we have had a few kids from Kirkcaldy High School come and pray with us, they were really curious.

“Even if you worship a different religion you can come to the mosque and do your own pray alongside us.”

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