Kirkcaldy support group enjoys full house at summer fun day

Jamie the jester 1, Nourish fun day.
Jamie the jester 1, Nourish fun day.

Kirkcaldy support group Nourish enjoyed a full house last Sunday as its summer fun day brought families in from the rain.

The fun day that was held at the Glebe Park Neighbourhood Centre in the town was a hub of activity with revellers of all ages taking part in various events and activities.

Caroline Haig and Lynne Scott, Nourish fun day.

Caroline Haig and Lynne Scott, Nourish fun day.

Nourish is a registered charity that provides support for families who have additional support needs.

The group was founded in 2011 by five parents who felt there was a lack of help for families who have children with additional support needs in the area.

Nourish runs several support groups weekly which includes a group for adults with additional support needs, family support groups and a group for dads.

Kids and adults alike enjoyed shows from Jamie the Jester, Dinosaur Man, and were able to join in activities such as face painting, sensory rooms, a giant bouncy castle, Leo and the Lightning Dragons with sensory story’s and miniature Shetland therapy ponies.

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Lynne Scott, chairman of Nourish, said: “We know that the summer holidays can be quite challenging for children and adults with additional support needs.

“There are a lot of activities that people with these needs struggle with, it’s not as easy as just going to a soft play area or going along some of the other events that are being held in the area.

“We wanted to put on an event specifically for families who have children or adults with additional support needs, to come along and enjoy themselves.”

Lynne who has two children with additional needs urges other parents to come to Nourish for support, she said: “We know what people are going through because we have been there.

“We have been the mum sitting on our own with nobody to speak to.

“You can’t avoid some of the challenges that people face, but we don’t want other families to suffer the isolation that we have been through.

“We want families to come along to get support, we are not here to give out professional advice, we are here because we get it, we understand what people are going through.

“Even though the people that come to Nourish have a wide range of disabilities, we are all facing similar challenges and are here to offer support day to day, whether it is a good or bad day, we share it all.”

Caroline Haig, vice chairman added: “We have had parents that come to us and say that they can’t cope or I’’m a bad mum or bad dad.’

“We have been there and know that sometimes you can feel like that.

“We are here to tell them that they can cope and they are not bad parents, we let them know that we are here for them.

“When people come to the support group and meet other people that are going through the same situation that they are, they realise that they aren’t alone and there is support out there for them.”

Councillors Judy Hamilton and Zoe Hisbent attended the fun day.

Cllr Hamilton said: “Nourish provides services for families with additional support needs. It does brilliant work and has supported a lot of families in the community.”