Retailers 'terrorised' as hundreds of car fans use industrial estate for meet up

Shop owners and retailers at a Glenrothes industrial estate have said they felt ‘terrorised’ and ‘intimidated’ after hundreds of petrol heads used it for a meet up.

By Jamie Callaghan
Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 9:39 pm
Eastfield Industrial Estate. Pic: Google.
Eastfield Industrial Estate. Pic: Google.

Last weekend, hundreds of motorists descended on Eastfield Industrial Estate for a meet up, using it as a ‘race track’.

The group used the meet up to show off their cars, but those based at the estate raised concerns about the dangers involved and the lack of social distancing, and were left to clean up the mess the following morning.

"I noticed there was a large amount of people and vehicles turning up,” one retailer said. “I asked if the car meet up was legal and was told it was. But some of them were doing burnouts and reversing at speed.

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"I was shocked.

"We tried to carry on but it got noisier, and there was no masks or social distancing. A lot of them were being peaceful enough.”

Police Scotland was called to the scene, but retailers said little action was taken.

“The event was well organised – they knew what they were doing,” the retailer added.

"They might mean well but they can’t control the sheer amount of people – it’s nothing against them. But they shouldn’t be doing it on an industrial estate. It should be done at a safe environment somewhere else.

"I think the other retailers feel intimidated. They've spoken to the police in the past and been told that they don’t have the resources.

"You’re trying to run a business – and a lot of businesses are struggling at the moment. It’s difficult. We can’t conduct our business with this going on.”

One of the unit owners has contacted local politicians and Fife Council regarding the situation at the weekend.

They raised concerns that someone could have been injured, or worse, had one of the drivers lost control of their cars.

The owner said the event goes against the planning consent granted for the units and noted that they, along with the tenants, pay a sum for maintenance of the estate.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 9.40pm on Saturday, 12 June, 2021, police received report of a car meet up at Eastfield Industrial Estate in Glenrothes Officers attended and suitable advice was given.”