Polling stations open across Fife as European election gets underway

Fifers go to the polls today to elect their next MEPs – but they won’t know the results until the weekend.

The European Elections take place despite the UK’s decision to leave.

Polling stations opened across Fife at 7.00am and will remain open until 10.00pm

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It has been billed as the ‘Brexit Election’ – a vote that is almost impossible to state with confidence what will actually happen, far less who will win.

In 2014, SNP and Labour won two seats each in Scotland, with the Tories and UKIP claiming one apiece.

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This time round, the ballot paper contains more parties than ever.

All the major parties are represented, along with Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party.

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It is joined by Change UK, the independent group set up by eight Labour MPs and three Tory MPs.

UKIP is also standing in a bid to retain its sole Scottish seat.

Scotland has traditionally been the most apathetic when it comes to voting.

Turnout north of the Border peaked at 40 per cent in 1989. Since then it has been as low as 24 per cent in 1999, but has generally settled in around 33 per cent.

All votes across the EU will be counted on Sunday.

The Fife count will be staged at the Michael Woods Sports Centre in Glenrothes, starting at 6:00pm.

It is anticipated a result may be declared around 10:00pm