New priorities to tackle potholes in Fife’s roads

Pic : TSPLPic : TSPL
Pic : TSPL
Fife Council is to change the way it tackles potholes.

The new policy, agreed at the economy, tourism and transportation committee,  will prioritise high risk potholes – for example, ones on busy roads – over those in residential areas.

This will allow the council to get reapairs done quicker, while filling low risk ones more efficiently, so return visits are unlikely.

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But councillors raised concerns that this would mean some problems in low risk areas would go unfixed.

Cllr Jane Ann Liston said: “I would hope this is not going to be used as justification for not doing things. If a car or bike gets damaged by going over a pothole, it isn’t going to matter very much if it’s in a cul de sac or A-road.”

But Martin Kingham, roads and network service manager, assured councillors this was not the case.

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He said: “This will allow us to fill in the potholes on the quieter roads in a way that will last longer and require fewer revisits. It gives us the time to pay particular care to the boundaries of the potholes, meaning they are filled to a higher standard.

“It will never be a case of not doing things –  but doing things at the right time. They might not be repaired as quickly, but they will be repaired.”

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Councillor Altany Craik, convener of the committee, said he hoped the new method would lead to fewer complaints.

He added:: “There is a very real frustration when you see a pothole being repaired and they’re back a few weeks later repairing it again. The method of this will be very important.”

Emma O'Neill , Local Democracy Reporting Service