New safety measures on Fife road after tractor crashes into house


Fife Council has ordered immediate action on a busy road after a tractor crashed into a house.

The incident happened on Largo Road, Lundin Links, in September.

Councillors agreed that more needed to be done on the street to protect pedestrians.

At Levenmouth area committee on Wednesday, they agreed to install speed bumps to help slow down vehicles.

However, some local residents opposed the move, and wanted to see a  traffic lights system put in place.

Councillor Graham Ritchie said: “Having consulted with the community council, they are very pleased with the result of the traffic lights, which have slowed traffic down. I’m not convinced that speed bumps would do much for the traffic in those circumstances.”

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However, lead traffic consultant Colin Stirling, said: “We have done a consultation and looked at the environment and what is most likely to produce the best results is speed cushions.

“I know they’re not always the most popular measure, but they are very effective at slowing traffic down and they are cost effective too.

“The traffic is light in winter, but  in summer you get tourist traffic, and we have to look very carefully at tailbacks  with HGVs, and  tour buses.

“There’s a very real chance of causing a block somewhere, where it comes to a standstill.”

Cllr David Alexander said he was happy to set aside the objections to the speed bumps, saying: “A family nearly got wiped out. It was close.

“People down there are traumatise by what happened. I would be happier with putting in speed bumps right now, and then possibly looking at what could be done in the future.”

Cllr Colin Davidson agreed, saying: “We have a very serious situation where someone is going to be killed. We have senior officers recommending speed bumps, we would be foolish not to do it.

Councillors agreed to installing speed bumps.