Artists across Central Fife are ready to open their doors to show their work

Artist Margot Hailey from Burntisland. Pic: Fife Photo Agency
Artist Margot Hailey from Burntisland. Pic: Fife Photo Agency

A number of artists from Kirkcaldy, Burntisland and Kinghorn are throwing open their doors this month to display their work and talk to visitors about what they do.

They are taking part in Central Fife Open Studios (CFOS) - an annual art trail - which is taking place on the first two weekends in September (September 7,8 and September 14,15) for the first time this year.

Weaver Susie Redman with five metres of woven fabric from her loom. Pic: Fife Photo Agency

Weaver Susie Redman with five metres of woven fabric from her loom. Pic: Fife Photo Agency

The free event was set up five years ago to give professional artists, makers and designers in Central Fife the opportunity to show their work to the public and celebrate the wealth of talent in the area.

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Fay McGlashan is a jeweller and based in Kirkcaldy  - she is taking part in Central Fife Open Studios this month. Pic: Fife Photo Agency.

Fay McGlashan is a jeweller and based in Kirkcaldy - she is taking part in Central Fife Open Studios this month. Pic: Fife Photo Agency.

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It includes artists from North Queensferry, Inverkeithing, Glenrothes, Markinch, Kirkcaldy, Burntisland and Kinghorn.

One of the Kirkcaldy artists taking part is Fay McGlashan, a traditionally trained goldsmith.

Fay, based at 2 Balsusney Road, combines both traditional and contemporary techniques to produce high quality jewellery with individual design and style.

Fay said: “I have been involved in Central Fife Open Studios since it started in 2014.

“It was started by a group of established artists who knew each other (I wasn’t one of them). They felt that the artistic talent in the central region was underrepresented.

“So it was felt that we should showcase the talent in and around Central Fife. We are always looking for new members to join CFOS.

“I will be showing a few more unusual pieces. I took part in a competition which involved making a neckless around the title ‘cycle’.

“I developed a piece around the life cycle of the cicada and a found item had to be included in the piece.

“I used a shard of pottery found on Kirkcaldy waterfront, which was made into a locket. I have been influenced by the pottery shards that can be widely found on the waterfront left over from the historical Kirkcaldy potteries.

“These patterns and shapes have inspired me to produce jewellery with etches taken from the pattern that remains on old pottery shards.

“I like the effect the sea has on the pottery glaze. The environment changes materials and I use this to inspire me to use different finishes on some pieces of jewellery I make.”

Another artist taking part is founder member of Central Fife Open Studios, Margot Hailey.

Margot, who lives in Burntisland, mainly does paintings of acrylic on canvas and paint on paper. She bases her work on sketches she does from the places she visits - whether that be Japan or France where her daughter lives.

She is looking forward to the event: “It encourages people to come along and chat to the person who has made the work and they have a chance to see first hand what they do. While it is an opportunity for the artists to sell items, people shouldn’t feel they have to buy anything.”

Two other Burntisland artists taking part are Susie Redman and Susy Kirk. They are based at Unit 9, The Platform, Old Station House in Forth Place.

Susie weaves her homewares and wearables on a traditional Swedish floor loom in the studio in Burntisland.

She enjoys working with luxurious yarns to create table runners, cushions, blankets and throws as well as scarves and wraps.

Susie said: “I think it is good for people to make the connection between what they wear and to see something somebody has designed and made. By seeing us at work they can make that connection.

“This is a really good event and we had lots of visitors last year so hoping for the same this year.”

Meanwhile, Susy Kirk will be showcasing her wearable silk and wool paintings which feature fragments of tribal art as well as other vibrant colours and shapes seen in Asia and the Pacific.

She said: “I am looking forward to taking part as I enjoy meeting people and seeing them trying on my wares.”

Studios will be open from 10.30am to 6pm on both Saturdays and Sundays. There will be an opportunity to buy or commission a piece of work from the artists.

For details on all the artists taking part visit: (please note: download the brochure from the website to check if an artist you want to visit is open on the weekends you want to go)

Local artists taking part

Local artists taking part include: Irene Hutchison Thomson from Kirkcaldy who paints mainly in watercolour, Lindsay Kilpatrick from Kirkcaldy whose work is inspired by the east coast fishing villages, Hazel Terry from Kirkcaldy who will be showing her prints, drawings, illustrations and paintings, Tina Scopa from Kirkcaldy who offers ceramics, small sculptures and laser etching; Catherine Lindow from Kinghorn who paints in watercolour with coloured pencil and is fond of depicting buildings and townscapes; Gingerbread Designs, Malcolm Barton, Leo du Feu and Susan Smith are all artists in Burntisland who are taking part.